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12Jul 2016

Why is a website so important for your small business?

Your website is the first thing a customer sees about your business so it needs to make a positive first impression. Most consumers (78% in fact) today do online research before purchasing a product online or before visiting a local business to buy from.

You most likely do it too. When you need a new mechanic you don’t just drop your car off at the first garage you see. Most likely you read reviews and visit websites to determine who you’re going to trust, and ultimately spend money with.

So if you’re business isn’t online you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers!

So why else does your small business need a website

1.Be Noticed

People are already able to talk about your business online through review sites like Yelp and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Having a website, and coordinated online presence, allows you to control the conversation and engage with your consumers.

2. Credibility

First impressions count, and a professionally designed website with professional images can make all the difference. Your website conveys your brand message, so it is important to make sure it is clear what you do and that your site is easy to navigate. This makes you appear reliable, stable and trustworthy.

Being online and contactable gives your business credibility. It allows your customers, and potential customers, to see what you have to offer, latest products and purchase information at a time convenient to them. Including testimonials on your site gives new consumers confidence in your brand.

3. Time Saver

Answering basic telephone or email queries about your product range, location, prices etc can use up lots of your valuable time. A website makes all this information easily accessible to your audience without you having to stop work every time.

It can be a good idea to get professional web designers to build your site for you. Here is a checklist to go over before employing a professional:

– A basic, functional and professional web presence shouldn’t cost a fortune.

– Your site should come with all of your social media linked.

– Ensure you have the login to the backend of your site and are taught how to use it.

– Your site needs to be mobile responsive, and this should be included in the initial quote.


Check out this article for free, easy to use hosting platforms to start building your website.

And, if you already have a website but think it might be time for a change have a read through this checklist to ensure you are on the right track.

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