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5Jul 2016

Our tips for Business Success

What does it take for a business to be successful? Read on for a few of our basic tips to keep your business running smoothly.

1. Connect with your customers

You already know that today’s consumers care more about who you are than what you do, so make connecting and building relationships with your clients a priority. Customers who feel appreciated and looked after can become your brand’s biggest advocate. Word-of-mouth is particularly important today as a good or bad review can spread much further, much faster online. Small businesses typically rely on referrals from happy customers – so keep your customers happy and build meaningful relationships.

And don’t dismiss the millennial generation (people in their 20’s). This age group is now the largest group of individuals and they are tech savvy, socially conscious and aware, and they are now becoming the largest pool of consumers and employees. Millennials know what they want and can see through a phony attempt at building relationships – figure out how to stay relevant and connect with this group and your business is set to succeed.

2. Boost your productivity

Feel like you’re working hard but getting nothing done? Having too many tasks on the go at once can limit how many you actually complete. Step back and evaluate how you manage your workload. If you’re jumping from task to task it might be time to block out chunks of time to purely work on one project. Whilst it might seem that every item on your to-do list is equally important, you won’t get any of them ticked off if you don’t have a system in place for tackling each job.

Everyone has a time of day that they perform best. If you’re a morning person, designate blocks of time in your calendar for large, time-consuming tasks. Complete the largest job first thing in the morning and leave the smaller items for the afternoon. As your day goes on this approach can help manage your stress levels. Interruptions won’t derail you as much if you have already completed the biggest task for the day.

Set deadlines for large projects and then break them down into daily tasks and schedule in time for emails and client calls to keep your day on track. It doesn’t matter how you organise your time or how you prioritise tasks, as long as it works for you! So get to know how, when and where you work best.

Do you need help developing efficient systems and processes? Our ‘Setting up Efficient Business Systems’ workshop could be just what you need to improve your productivity and reduce stress.

3. Engage employees and invest in training

Investing in upskilling and training let’s your employees know you value their career development and leads to more engaged workers. An engaged and passionate workforce equates to better results for the business. Gallup Research shows that productivity increases 21% when employees are engaged at work. And this goes for you too. The time and money you invest in improving your processes, skills or tools will pay off in the long run as your efficiency and output increases.

For a full list of our upcoming workshops to empower your employees (or yourself!) click here.

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