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1Dec 2015

Should I start seeking out a business coach?

Running your business can be an exciting and rewarding time, but can also be very daunting and challenging.

Complacency starts to set in, then things can start to slowly deteriorate.

Enter the business coach – someone who can guide you along the path of where you are, to where you want to be, while focusing on your business goals and objectives.

Think of one-to-one business coaching like private tuition for school aged children. Tutors are there to provide assistance in helping students to become better at subjects they are struggling with, and are there to empower the student to work independently with confidence.

Like tutors, business coaches help business owners navigate through challenges, while also empowering them to capitalise on new opportunities.

Need more convincing? Here are four reasons why a business coach is the right decision:

  1. Receive Guidance
    Every athlete uses a coach to guide them into giving their best. A business coach will be able to guide you through your journey, including all of your ups and downs, through the knowledge and experience they possess. They’ll be able to challenge your thinking and help you work through any challenges you may face.
  2. Encourage deeper thinking
    Having your own experienced business coach means you will always have someone there to not only listen, but to also encourage deeper thinking. They will be there to ask powerful questions in order to get you thinking and expanding on ideas, or alternatively to uncover the root of your problem.
  3. Be held accountable
    A business coach is a great accountability partner that will push and challenge you to ensure your efforts will result in you reaching your goals.
  4. Brainstorm
    Have you ever hit a dead wall while brainstorming on your own? Brainstorming can be a powerful way of discovering new ideas or seeking out creative solutions to a problem, however is best done in a way that encourages the bouncing of ideas between people. This is where your business coach comes in handy. Being able to gain a new perspective is invaluable and can make the difference between

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