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18May 2016

Facebook Advertising for Beginners

With more than 50 million businesses now on Facebook, it is clear consumers are being exposed to the marketing efforts of a very crowded market. So how do you go about standing out and making sure your messages are heard by your customers?

By now you have probably heard of Facebook Ads, but you may not be aware of just how easy it is to set up and manage your advertisement. Within minutes you can set up an advert that’ll go out to your desired target market, big or small. We’ll show you how.

A Facebook promotion is broken down into 3 parts:

  • Campaign objective: what objectives you want to achieve with the ad
  • Advert set: the audience you are going to target, plus placement, budget and schedule of the ad
  • Advert: the advert copy itself

1. Campaign Objective

The first thing you will have to do when setting up an advert on Facebook is to select your campaign objective – the goal you wish to achieve with your advert.Campaign objective













Here you can choose whether you are wanting to promote your page, send people to your website, reach people near your business or any of the options above.

It is essential that you know what you are trying to achieve with your campaign in order to get the best outcome.

For this example, we have selected the objective “promote your page” to increase page likes.

2. Advert Set

This is where are able to define your audience,  placement, budget and schedule.


You will first define your audience by geographical location, then by demographic measures such as age and gender, and finally by their interests.

For this example, we have targeted all females aged between 22 and 32 that speak English, live within a 17km radius of Balcatta and have interests in marketing and business.

You can also choose to exclude people or narrow your audience according to demographics, interests and behaviours. You can further define your target market by reaching those with a connection to your page, app or event, but for now we will go with:

advert set1


















Based on our audience definition, Facebook states the potential reach for our campaign is 110,000 people.


This is where you can define where you would like your advert to appear. Selecting automatic means your adverts will be displayed in places that are most likely to reach people. Otherwise you can select whether you want your advert to appear in mobile news feeds, desktop news feeds or desktop right column (or a combination of the three).

For this example, we have selected mobile and desktop news feeds only, with the ad displaying on all mobile devices:


Budget & Schedule

After selecting your audience and ad placement, you will then be asked to select your budget and set your campaign schedule. You can set a daily or lifetime budget. The daily budget is the maximum amount you will spend each day for the length of your campaign. The lifetime budget is the total maximum amount you will spend over the whole duration of the campaign.

Once your daily budget is reached the ad will stop displaying for the day, or end altogether if the lifetime budget is reached.

Campaigns can be set to run continuously or have a start and end date (ideal for campaigns that are time-sensitive such as promotions and competitions).

There are further optional advanced settings which allow you to schedule your advert for specific hours and days of the week, select whether you will be charged per impression (each time your ad is served) or per action (such as page like or link click), and more.

For this example we have gone with:

budget & schedule


















3. Advert

It is now time to get creative and build your advert. You will be asked to add:

  • An image – photo shown with your advert
  • Text – short (90 characters) piece of text to go above your selected image
  • A headline – Short piece of text underneath the image

Here is our finished advert:

finished advert











It’s really that simple to start advertising on Facebook using Adverts Manager. Start off with a small budget and play around with different advert types and audiences to see what works best for your business.

If you would like more assistance and information on running your business Facebook page, come along to our Hands on Facebook workshop on Wednesday, 25 May.

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